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At Floraison Blooms, we work with well-known local brands and retail shops such as UOB Banking, HEGEN, Tangs Orchard, Porcelain Spa (Paragon), Bloomsbury Bakers,  MyDreamvibe.Co, Fort Canning Hotel, GCA, Assisi Hospice, etc. 

Discover how we can elevate the experience at your retail store, office space, product launches, and intimate events like weddings & proposals. 

Luxury boutique premises are all about taking guests on a unique journey from the minute they step into your retail space. Rustic and wildflower design choices can add a welcoming and soothing vibe to highly contemporary spaces. Vivid and varied colours exude flamboyance, playfulness, and help to capitalise on special seasonal events.  The debonair touch of innovatively crafted florals in your corporate space is the focal point of your brand positioning. They should speak volumes about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for! 

It’s an investment that connects you to your customers, often tripling returns, increasing brand loyalty, and boosting your marketing. Or create lasting memories in your special, intimate event like weddings or proposals. 

Why Preserved Floral Installation?

In short, they connect you with your customer! Flowers are aesthetically beautiful and they create a real impact of an immersive retail or intimate experience. Particularly this year in 2023 more than ever there is a renewed focus on greenery, nature, health and wellbeing. 

What's more? Our preserved, dried or faux floral installations are long-lasting, low-maintenance and cost-effective. To advocate for sustainable living, our floral installations reduce carbon footprint and boosts your company's efforts in creating a more environmentally-friendly space.

Partner with us for your next floral project

Whether you’re looking for a full large-scale conceptual design throughout the space or smaller installations for specific retail or event areas, we can help.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss our proposals for fleshing out your floral designs. Contact us at our email at or drop us a text at 97937974 if you are keen to explore partnering with us! 

Our Project Showcase

HEGEN Experiential Centre (Seasons Concept)

 (Spring Season)

  (Rustic Boho Concept)

(Autumn Season)

HEGEN Product Launch at TANGS Orchard

HEGEN New Product Launch

Wedding reception at Fort Canning Hotel, Capella, etc. 

Autumn-themed Reception 


Floral bars for events such as product launches and wedding receptions.

Hospice Styling at Assisi Hospice (Our Charity efforts to bring comfort and healing to the hospice patients on palliative care and their families).

Note: All of the images in this blog are taken from projects we designed for our clients in the retail industries and events. 


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