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This business was birthed out of a personal story of walking an arduous journey of caring for a loved one through a terminal illness. It has awakened us to realise that life is only truly lived when we make dreams happen and when we love relentlessly without holding back. This floral business is the actualisation of this deep conviction and we truly enjoy bringing your expression of love to someone you cherish, through the good and challenging times. These flower domes have reached people during their times of celebration, as well as uplift people through seasons of sickness or trials. It gives meaning and joy to what we do.

As we grow our business with your support, we hope to increase our charity efforts to the local community. When you have a loved one who is under palliative care or in critical conditions in the hospice or intensive care units, we know it is not possible to send fresh flowers as they may pose dangers of allergies or other complications. Our preserved flower domes serve as wonderful alternatives to fresh flowers and can uplift the spirits of the patients. We hope to donate more of our flower domes to the ones in hospice or ICUs needing a dose of hope and peace in their most challenging moments.

Bloom and grow with us,

Floraison Blooms Team

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