Our Story

Our Story

" Fresh flowers are not allowed in the hospice wards."

Those were the words of the hospice nurse with a concerned look, explaining how the presence of allergens could pose complications to the patients on palliative care.                     

These words brought a wave of disappointment when I had carefully wrapped the fresh flowers in hope of bringing a much-needed cheer and comfort to my sister, who was dying of a terminal disease and her frail body ravaged by the disease with each passing day.

I began my search for alternative florals and chanced upon preserved flowers in a flower dome. With each intricate placing of the preserved rose and foliage, the glass dome was completed and displayed by my sister's hospital bed till her last breath. 

My own healing began through working with flowers through those times of grief and loss. Every petal, every detail, little by little, step by step. 

This business was birthed out of a personal story of walking an arduous journey of caring for a loved one through a terminal illness. If you are on a similar journey, know that we've been there and you are not alone.  

Our flower domes have reached people during their times of celebration, as well as uplift people through seasons of sickness or trials. We have donated more than 100 domes to the ones in hospice or ICUs needing a dose of hope and peace in their most challenging moments.

Let's find wellness and healing through every season. 

Lynn, Founder of Floraison Blooms